System solutions from the connection specialist

holistic concepts from a single source

Manual workplaces

customized, modern and ergonomic

Wherever manual stations have to be used due to quantities or production strategies, our manual workstations ensure process reliability with high efficiency and quality. Strunk has the right machines for you.

Flexible production with manual production

Automation does not make sense in all cases. Manual workstations that combine human work with high process reliability are particularly recommended for small batches, a large variety of types or a large number of variants. Manual workstations are indispensable in high-quality production even in complex assembly processes in which humans cannot be replaced or only with considerable technical effort. The same applies to the final and intermediate inspection, which would be difficult to implement without human intervention, expert knowledge and sensory skills.

Tailor-made manual workstations from Strunk

We design manual workstations that increase efficiency and enable you to meet the highest quality standards. You can choose between:

  • Standard solutions for with or without table structure,
  • Sequencers for splicing in the pre-assembly or as an IN-LINE system for the cable board as well
  • Special systems for all technologies for the realization of non-ferrous metal connections.

Even if you have to meet special requirements and are looking for a tailor-made concept, you’ve come to the right place. As an expert for special solutions in this area, we are guaranteed to find a suitable solution for you.

Flexible concepts and individual solutions

Whether you come from the automotive industry, medical technology, the electrical and solar industry, or electrical engineering – with us you get an all-round solution that exactly fits your needs. In addition to our manual workstations, we offer you other high-quality solutions such as semi-automatic and fully automatic machines. Rely on our experience from over 50 years of process technology and the know-how of our highly qualified employees.

Completed functional units

with process responsibility for integration

Would you like to integrate our processes into the layout of your production line? Would you like to carry the STRUNK connection process with development and process responsibility in your line? Then our self-contained functional units with process responsibility for integration are the ideal solution.

Optimizing added value through modernization and expansion

Technical change is happening faster and faster. In order to remain competitive, modern companies have to adapt to technological advances at ever shorter intervals. However, it is not always necessary to immediately invest in new production facilities or complete systems if these can be converted to new applications. STRUNK also offers the conversion of existing STRUNK systems for new applications, or the expansion of existing lines in order to increase their performance and efficiency. As a rule, very good results can be achieved with relatively little expenditure of time and money.

Modules as functional units with process responsibility

Consistently geared towards integration into your existing automation concept, our portfolio in the area of closed functional units with process responsibility for integration includes the following systems:

  • Units for linear transfer systems with component feed,
  • Individual modules for wire processing centers as well
  • Double heads for wire processing centers or rotary indexing tables with component feed.

The latter enable the simultaneous welding of two connections within a very short time. We manufacture terminal and compacting welding units with contact part conveyance, micro-welding units and sequencers for you.

Integration modules

Semiautomatic machines

Increase number of units cost-effectively

With our semi-automatic machines, we offer you solutions to increase the efficiency of your production processes. Here you will find more information.

Improved productivity and quality through partial automation

Time-to-market is decisive for competitiveness in many industries. Ever higher volumes combined with shorter product cycles require automation solutions with which efficiency and quality can be increased. Hybrid assembly systems, which represent a combination of manual workstations and fully automated production, are becoming increasingly important against this background.

Advantages of semi-automatic systems

Semi-automatic machines are used wherever the geometry, shape or size of the components do not allow automatic feeding or the cost of full automation is not profitable due to insufficient production volumes. Furthermore, automatic systems can represent redundancies and backup solutions, as well as map increases in number through faster and more cost-effective duplication of the smaller units.

Powerful and high-precision – semi-automatic machines from Strunk

With our semi-automatic systems for only one worker, we create optimal conditions for more efficiency in your production processes. Our solutions are based on the fact that we understand the requirements of your industry exactly and, thanks to our many years of experience and our high level of professional expertise, can implement them in a targeted manner.

Our offer includes the partial automation of processes via feeding technology with simultaneous linking via rotary table systems and transfer systems. Decouple the loading from the processing time with our high-performance and high-precision semi-automatic machines and benefit from less time spent on processing with improved repeatability.

Semiautomatic machines

Fully automatic machines

tailor-made solutions for your manufacturing processes

Strunk supports you with fully automated systems and the interlinking of these, especially in the area of cables (pliable parts), in the industrialization of your products. Find out more about our options and services here.

Produce more efficiently with high-quality automation solutions

The market demands ever greater efficiency while reducing costs at the same time. Our automation of manufacturing processes makes it possible to manufacture your quantities per year with consistent quality and traceable in connection with STRUNK MES (or customer systems). Due to more complex architectures, the number of connections is currently increasing in many applications (especially in the EV/BEV area). This means that the number of items can often only be mapped fully automatically.

Advantages of fully automated systems

The full automation of production processes has numerous advantages. For example, it enables larger quantities to be processed while reducing errors at the same time. Many manual processes that would otherwise be carried out by humans are no longer necessary thanks to the use of fully automatic machines. This accelerates work steps and processes and at the same time relieves the staff physically and mentally. In our fully automated solutions, we combine even complex steps that can otherwise only be carried out by humans in one machine. Of course, we make sure that the new systems are perfectly integrated into your existing process chain.

Fully automatic machines from Strunk – complete solutions from a single source

As a turnkey partner for your manufacturing processes, Strunk Connect develops automation solutions for in-line use in your production lines . You have the choice of whether we develop your complete system as a general contractor or generate it with process responsibility for integration into your line. Our expertise covers the following areas:

  • Resistance welding,
  • Handling of limp parts (cables),
  • Feeding technology
  • Laser and plastic US welding,
  • Soldering and dispensing,
  • Assembly and testing technology as well
  • Stamping and bending operations.

Our fully automatic machines for production automation are specially tailored to your task. Benefit from our competence and experience in the fully automatic handling of customer processes via intelligent system solutions with longitudinal transfer, rotary indexing tables, tool carrier transfer and robot cells.

Fully automatic machines

Robot cells

flexible applications for more efficient manufacturing processes

Robotic cells offer many advantages in automation. They are versatile and work precisely, quickly and flexibly. Using robot technology, assembly tasks can be carried out or the STRUNK machines can be linked.

Fully automatic, robot-supported manufacturing systems from Strunk

We often equip our fully automatic machines with robots in order to be able to handle more complex component geometries or the variety of variants more easily. These solutions are particularly suitable in combination with our rotary table systems, which allow the production processes for the production of assemblies to run into one another in order to ultimately be able to realize the complete assembly (ZSB).

Use our know-how from more than 50 years of process technology and our expertise from diverse customer projects and gain an advantage over your market competitors.

Machines and welding current control

comprehensive functionality for a wide range of applications

Our processes and automation solutions cannot function without adequate control. Find out more about the machine controls and welding current controls from Strunk here.

No automation without control

The partially and fully automated production offers numerous advantages compared to conventional workplaces. In order to meet customer requirements, however, our systems require a control architecture that is tailored and optimized to our processes, which enables maximum performance in terms of process safety, welding quality, reliability and operation while taking traceability into account for your products.

Maximum performance for your applications

Our control systems were specifically developed for the Industry 4.0 area in order to meet the increasing requirements. A well thought-out concept in the combination of machine control and STRUNK welding current control enables uniform operation and usability in the various STRUNK technologies. The in-house STRUNK power units from 50 Hz AC to 1,000 HZ medium frequency DC up to high frequency 30 KHZ DC are used. In the area of resistance welding technology, this combination forms a huge field of application from micro-welding applications (small part welding) to cable cross-sections in the high-voltage electrical system of over 300mm2 and connection cross-sections of copper materials in the area of power distribution beyond 300mm².

Our welding current controls and machine controls have interfaces to all relevant connection and bus systems.

The most important performance features of our welding current controls include:

  • complete sequencing capability for KSK production,
  • sophisticated monitoring strategies for quality assurance,
  • Internal databases for quality assurance for inline recording of the welding results as well as
  • Interfaces for communication with our systems and the STRUNK MES for complete traceability of your products and production steps.

We develop and build our welding current controls and line components in-house and can therefore react individually to customer requirements.

Power sources

the right power density for every application

Resistance welding of non-ferrous metals requires high-quality power sources. With frequencies from 50 Hz AC to 30 kHz DC, Strunk covers all areas of application.

High-quality power sources guarantee optimal welding results

Our areas of application extend from cable connections, stranded terminal connections in automotive electrical systems, safety paths such as airbags and braking systems, autonomous driving, signal processing and power distribution for e-mobility to battery connectors and electronics. All applications are based on non-ferrous metals, mostly copper-based. Due to the high thermal and electrical conductivity required here, high demands are placed on the welding process and thus also on our power sources and control systems, as well as the mechanics. For this reason, we have specialized in the connection of non-ferrous metals over the past 50 years and have optimized the power sources and controls from parameterization to a very high line density. Standard functions such as electrode management, control algorithms and monitoring functions form the basis for a stable and reproducible process. Modern power sources with 50Hz AC scalable in all performance classes form the basis for applications such as hot crimping, welding under hard solder or applications with a high connection cross-section.

We integrate power sources with the following features:

  • 1,000 Hz medium frequency for difficult material combinations or as master to slave for performance duplications with more than 100KA on the electrodes are used for everything from micro-welding applications to challenging welding applications (also under hard solder) with adjacent overmoulding with tightness requirements or temperature-sensitive areas on the components.)
  • 30,000 Hz high frequency (for the particularly small part in micro welding with a focus on a DC welding current with almost no residual ripple).

We set up all power sources for the application and integrate them into our systems.

Fast and precise control mechanisms in combination with high-performance power density and high duty cycle guarantee maximum process reliability for all variants. With our power sources you benefit from excellent welding quality with maximum ease of use.

Control cabinet construction for our systems

we implement the control center for your production

Control cabinets are the heart of automated manufacturing systems. That is why they are planned and manufactured in-house at STRUNK.

Control cabinet – special and optimized for your application

With the special systems, the control cabinet is always planned and built in a customer-specific manner. It is usually separated into power distributions and signal distributions and is cooled. That means: We plan, design and implement all important functions of the systems according to your requirements.

Attention: We do not offer control cabinet construction as a service. The control cabinets are part of the one-stop solution for our customers’ applications.