Cable welding

high-quality non-ferrous metal connections with maximum service life and durability
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Welding cables made from copper or alloys, bare or coated

Feed-through connectors and end connectors can be created using splicing (cable welding). Resistance welding technology makes it possible to reliably connect coated or uncoated cables made of copper or alloys. Suitable equipment for every range currently makes it possible to manufacture cable connections with a cross-section of 0.1 to 400 mm².

For large quantities, a system with a tool adapted to the application and the individual workpiece is recommended. For constantly changing configurations (sequences) with different cross-sections, on the other hand, our automatic welding heads with different cross-positions are the optimum solution. The latter enable any cable configuration to be mapped as a node within a range. This concept can be implemented thanks to our sequence-capable control system, which is able to hande customer-specific cable sets.

Our systems impress with their extreme rigidity and high speed. With our in-house drives, we ensure optimum repositioning behavior for reliable and repeatable welding results. They are achieved with the shortest possible welding currents and high forces. The heat input is also low due to the short welding times.

Reliability and flexibility are essential for cable connections in motor vehicles. Perfect electrical conductivity must be guaranteed, as must the long-term durability of the connections.


(customer-specific solutions as an example)

S-MMD1 for welding strands and end connectors

This S-MMD1 machine is designed for welding stranded wires into splices and/or end connectors in customer-specific dimensions. Strands are fed in from the front or from…

S-MMD2 for welding strands and compacting

This S-MMD2 machine is designed for welding strands into splices and compacting tin-plated strands. For this purpose, it is set up as a manual welding station with tool-changing…

WWS1 sequence welding machine for splicing and compacting in the range from 0.5 to 20 mm²

The WWS1 welding machine shown here is designed for the sequential production of end and feed-through joints…

Y-LB welding machine for splicing and compacting in the range from 0.35 to 2.5 mm²

This Y-LB welding system is suitable for end connectors (compacting cable ends) or feed-through connectors…


Resistance-welded stranded wire connections can be used not only in the low-voltage electrical system of an EV, but also in the high-voltage areas. This is because our systems are also ideal for producing connections with cross-sections of well over 300 mm². In addition to cables to energy storage systems (batteries) or traction distributors, connections to fuel cells can also be safely welded. High holding forces and definable dimensions facilitate the subsequent installation and routing of the cables.